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xTAG Vibration Sensor

xTAG Ventilation Sensors can substantially increase the safety of public and private spaces while ensuring that ventilation systems do not waste expensive energy.

Vibration Sensor
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Machine Vibration Diagnostics - Data Acquisition
and Reporting Using a Tablet

xTAG BLE Vibration Sensors can be used to diagnose machine health whenever operators need an update. Operators can carry magnetic mount xTAGs, position them on a machine, connect to the xTAG using a tablet app, start a data acquisition stream to a real-time chart in the app and then review detailed data reports. To compare current data to previously acquired data, raw data exporting and report chart exporting is supported. This use of xTAG BLE Vibration Sensors is the easiest option for operators to get started in monitoring machine health to ensure machines don't cause costly production interruptions.

Machine Vibration Monitoring - Data Acquisition
and Reporting Through the Cloud

To access consistently updated machine health reports from anywhere with an internet connection, permanently install a wireless xTAG Wi-Fi (HaLow) Vibration Sensor or wireless xTAG BLE Vibration Sensor or a wired xTAG USB Vibration Sensor on machinery. Install xGATEWAYs near xTAGs and connect xTAGs to them in minutes. xGATEWAYs are pre-installed with software that can be quickly configured to push data to the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud, or to a local data repository if required (or both). Reporting is available through Azure IoT. Amazon Web Services (AWS IoT Core) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support is also available.

Machine Vibration Sense for
Diagnostics and Monitoring

The xTAG Vibration Sensor supports high-speed vibration data acquisition (25 to 1600 samples per sec in X, Y and Z dimensions). Additionally, it supports gyroscopic angle sensing at the same sample rate (current orientation in 3 dimensions). Acquired data can be used to determine machine on/off status or to forecast machine failures - dramatically reducing costs associated with unplanned downtime. The wireless xTAG Vibration Sensor has been designed to draw very little power from its battery during normal operation. When sensing “part time”, it is capable of collecting vibration data for many years (replaceable battery lifespan depends on daily acquisition frequency, duration and sampling rate). The xTAG can be set up to collect samples based on machine activity. For example, collect samples for a set duration every time a machine starts. In this context, an xTAG Vibration sensor battery life of 5 or more years is possible.

xTAG Ventilation

CO2 Sensing To Indicate Ventilation
Effectiveness & Reduce COVID Spread

xTAG Ventilation Sensors can substantially increase the safety of public and private spaces while ensuring that ventilation systems do not waste expensive energy.

Ventilation DATA

Contact [email protected] for more information on how xTAG Ventilation works.

Our new xTAG BLE Ventilation Sensor has been deployed within a trial. CO2 was measured within a Canadian school every 5 min and sensor data was collected using our xTAG Explorer App on a Tablet with BLE support. The trial effectively tracked the concentration of CO2 through the course of several weeks. A typical day's data is shown below.


Ambient CO2 commonly stays at 400ppm when room is empty. This samples where taken before the school day begin shows consistent CO2 levels. As the school day progresses, the CO2 levels increase. Ventilation can reduce the concentration throughout the day depending on the capacity of the rooms. The chart provides evidence that ventilation can be increased.

xTAG Environmental

Environmental Sense for Machinery, Produce,
Workplace, Livestock and Pet Monitoring

xTAG Ventilation Sensors can substantially increase the safety of public and private spaces while ensuring that ventilation systems do not waste expensive energy.

environmental application

xTAG Environmental Sensor brochure

Monitor machine health by sensing when parts become overheated, when air filters become fouled by measuring filter pressure differential or when any other abnormal temperature or pressure is observed. Avoid costly breakdowns and production interruptions.

Monitor produce exposure to high temperature and humidity and trigger alarms or log events that can be used to explain spoilage during shipping. Keep produce fresh and hold shippers to account for failed shipments.

Keep pets and livestock safe by sensing their exposure to high temperature and humidity. Alarm when action is required and an animals safety is at stake.

Ensure that workplaces are operating at optimum temperature and humidity to discourage the growth of mold and keep workers comfortable and productive.

Product quality can often be affected by its production environment. Ensure that production lines are kept at optimum temperature and humidity.

xTAG Gas Sensor

Gas Sense for Safe Air in Public Spaces

xTAG Gas Sensors measure the concentration of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Volatile Sulphur Compound (VSC) gases in air. There are a vast array of measurable VOC/VSC gases including sewage gas, propane, natural gas (methane), construction off-gases, fire off-gases

Gas Sensor
gas application

xTAG Gas Sensor brochure

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) or Sewage Gas.

Gases released from a fire.

Off-gases from spoiled produce.

Off-gases from construction materials including glue, paint, etc.


Propane and Natural Gas.

Additional Sense Options

The xTAG design has been created to support additional sensing options through a simple substitution of its front membrane. A variety of sensor chips can be added to this membrane that also includes a pushbutton and LED. Membrane substitution examples:

Hall effect sensing. Count machine shaft rotations or measure machine current draw through magnetic field measurements.

Color sensing. Sense installed color alarm states or track produce health.

Sound sensing. Listen for machine status (dB level) or mechanical issues (dB level or frequency).

xTAG to xGATEWAY Connection Options

xTAGs are available in three variants. The xTAG BLE Sensors support low power Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 connectivity to xGATEWAYs. xTAG Wi-Fi HaLow (802.11ah) Sensors support long range connectivity of thousands of xTAGs to a single xGATEWAY. These options facilitate the simplest possible xTAG installs where xTAGs won’t require local power. In some installations, wireless just won’t work effectively due to excessive Sensor power draw (due to high sample rates), electromagnetic noise, or physical barriers between xTAGs and xGATEWAYs. When wireless is a challenge, select the xTAG USB Sensor variant for reliable 12 Mbit/sec communications between USB-powered xTAGs and xGATEWAYs.

Regardless of the variant selected, all xTAGs are accessible to xGATEWAYs without xTAG configuration. This is sometimes referred to as “zero configuration networking” or “plug-n-play”. Complex addressing of devices is never required. xGATEWAYs can automatically discover all xTAG wirless devices nearby and a physical connection to an xTAG USB is all that is required before an xGATEWAY can access its data.

connection specification

For more information on xTAG
and xGATEWAY solutions

xTAG Wi-Fi (HaLow), BLE and USB Sensor Specs

85 g or 3 oz.

50mm (2”) wide, 68mm (2.5”) long, 42mm (1.5”) tall

xTAG BLE: BLE 5.0 with selectable tx power and phy (10m-300m range and 500kbps-2Mbps)

xTAG Wi-Fi (HaLow): 802.11ah with selectable tx power and phy (up 1 1km range and 500kbps-2Mbps)

1 to 8 year battery life depending on sensor variant and acquisition frequency

xTAG USB: USB-powered device at 12 Mbps with 5m+ cable length (up to 100m with USB extension)

Screw-in flange or magnetic-mount options

IP67 dust/water ingress rating

-40°C to 70°C operating temperature