Vibration Analysis Solutions

Deviceworx IIoT - Vibration Analysis Support


The Deviceworx xTAG Sensors support high-speed vibration data acquisition (25 to 1600 samples per sec in X, Y and Z dimensions). The acquired data can be very effectively analyzed to forecast machine failures - dramatically reducing costs associated with unplanned downtime.

The wireless xTAG BLE has been designed to draw very little power from its battery during normal operation. When sensing “part time” (ie. only after each machine start), it is capable of collecting vibration data for many years (replaceable battery lifespan depends on daily acquisition frequency, duration and sampling rate).


Vibration Diagnostics -
Data Acquisition and Reporting Using a Tablet

xTAG BLE sensors can be used to diagnose machine health whenever operators need an update. Operators can carry magnetic mount xTAGs, position them on a machine, connect to the xTAG using a tablet app, start a data acquisition stream to a real-time chart in the app and then review detailed data reports. To compare current data to previously acquired data, raw data exporting and report chart exporting is supported. This use of xTAG BLE devices is the easiest option for operators to get started in monitoring machine health to ensure machines don't cause costly production interruptions.

To simplify diagnostics further, operators can permanently mount xTAG BLE devices on machinery and simply connect to them using the tablet app when a machine health update is required.

The xTAG Explorer app is available from the Google Play Store

Vibration Diagram

Diagnose Machine Health in 5(or less) Simple Steps

  1. Connect to a nearby xTAG BLE Sensor using the xTAG Explorer app.
  2. Configure acquisition. Typically sampling rate & G-force range is all that is selected.
  3. Start acquisition. Review real-time Root Mean Square (RMS) values and strip chart data looking for an unexpected change in any 3D dimension. In some cases, this review may be enough for an operator to qualify that a machine is healthy.
  4. After acquisition has been stopped, a detailed review of the last 20 seconds of sampled data is possible. Select a chart type (real-time data or frequency response data) and review chart detals by zooming in and out or panning left & right on waveforms to get all the detail required for further assessment.
  5. Optionally - save chart images or raw chart data for later retrieval and comparison. Raw data is saved or exported into csv files that can be opened within Microsoft Excel (or any charting program) for custom report creation and data archival.



Keep machines operating to avoid unplanned production stoppage & dramatically save on operating costs.


Microsoft Azure connections are completely secure using best practices developed to serve extra sensitive manufacturing and industrial facilities. The new xTAG LTE includes a Trusted Platform Module with TPM 2.0 support to add hardware-level security to the xGATEWAY.


Automatically archive data and generate reports on the cloud or locally.

AI Capable

Adaptive data modeling and comparison can be used for automatic discovery of machine faults.


Trigger alarms in the form of text messages or emails whenever a vibration data threshold is breached.


Leverage the xGATEWAYs ability to interface to existing instrumentation or controls to combine other data points (e.g. bearing temperature, drive speed ...) with vibration data for enhanced monitoring.

Vibration Monitoring -
Data Acquisition and Reporting Through the Cloud

To access consistently updated machine health reports from anywhere with an internet connection, permanently install xTAG BLE wireless or xTAG USB wired sensors on machinery. Install xGATEWAYs near xTAGs and connect xTAGs to them in minutes. xGATEWAYs are pre-installed with software that can be quickly configured to push data to the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud, or to a local data repository if required (or both). Reporting is available through Azure IoT. Amazon Web Services (AWS IoT Core) or Google Cloud IoT support is also available.

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