xTAG Ventilation Sensors - Monitor Ventilation & Improve Covid-Safety

xTAG Ventilation Sensor

Minimizing the risk of Covid transmission within indoor spaces is critical. Deviceworx has partnered with Sensirion AG to build an accurate, battery powered Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor that can be very quickly deployed within public and private spaces including:

  • Commercial spaces including Coffee Shops, Retail Outlets, etc
  • Offices
  • Schools

Measuring CO2 within human breath provides a direct indication of how effective ventilation is at reducing Covid spread - in real time.

Whenever CO2 levels rise above safe thresholds, ventilation should be increased. This may be done in real time when using measured CO2 values from xTAG Ventilation Sensors or it may be done on a schedule that is based on reporting from xTAG Ventilation Sensors. The CDC recomends keeping CO2 levels below 800 ppm to ensure the oppourtunity for Covid transmission is reduced. See this CDC ref. Note that typical C02 concentrations in air (when not influenced by human breath) is commonly 400 ppm.

xTAG Ventilation Sensors can connect to the Deviceworx Cloud in 2 ways. They can record data and then pass that data into the cloud when users connect to each Sensor over Bluetooth using the Android xTAG Explorer App. Or, permenantly mounted xGATEWAY devices can collect xTAG data every few min for reporting and real-time data processing that includes updating ventilation settings.

Critically - reducing Ventilation settings when CO2 levels are well below a safe threshold can dramatically reduce heating costs. For example, there is no need to heavily ventilate a space that is empty or only has 1-2 people. Overventilation can prove to be incredibly expensive.

See our xTAG Sensors Product page for more detail on this new addition to the xTAG Sensor line.

xTAG HaLow - The World's First 802.11ah WiFi (HaLow) Industrial IoT Sensors

xTAG Sensor

Deviceworx has partnered with the worlds leading 802.11ah WiFi (code-name HaLow) chipset vendor, Newracom, to build IoT Gateway and Sensor devices that connect using HaLow.

HaLow dramatically improves the IoT landscape by supporting the connection of many more sensors to a single gateway over longer distances when compared to LoRaWAN and Bluetooth technologies. Deviceworx is updating the xTAG Sensor and xGATEWAY family of devices to include HaLow functionality. By leveraging the Newracom NRC7292 radio SOC, 1000's of xTAG HaLow Sensors can connect to a single xGATEWAY HaLow and sense:

  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • Angle
  • Environment (Temperature/Pressure/Humidity)
  • Gas (Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs plus Volatile Sulphur Compounds or VSCs)
  • Ventilation Effectiveness (C02 in Human Breath)

Both xTAG HaLow Sensors and xGATEWAY HaLow devices, with cloud-connectivity, have been released and have shipped to customers.

See this page for more info on our xTAG Sensors and this page for more info on xGATEWAYs. Contact Deviceworx Sales (sales@deviceworx.com) for more information and learn how you can leverage our new HaLow products to simplify your next IoT deployment.

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

xTAG Sensor

Deviceworx has developed an IoT ecosystem of Industrial IoT Sensors (sometimes called IoT "Things") and IoT Gateways. xTAG sensors support measuring physical properties such as vibration, temperature, pressure, humidity and a variety of harmful gases. xGATEWAYs have wireless and wired plug and play connectivity to xTAGs to collect data as well as IoT Edge computing and cloud connections for sensor management and data reporting, and are Microsoft Azure certified.


xGATEWAYs can also acquire data from 3rd-party sensors as well as legacy control equipment to "retrofit" IoT functionality and breathe new life into existing control installations. Microsot Azure IoT Hub support comes pre-instaled on all xGATEWAYs, but they can be connected to any cloud with minimal software updates.

xTAG Sensor

Click here to see how Deviceworx Industrial IoT products can be leveraged to keep equipment healthy, improve product quality and increase operational efficiency.

xTAG BEACONs with NFC for App-Based or App-Less Proximity Marketing

xTAG BEACON Restaurant

Deviceworx xTAG BEACONs empower users to effortlessly interact with retailers, restaurant owners and real estate agents. xTAG BEACON devices broadcast to Android and Apple Smartphones at a configurable distance of 10 - 500m to notify them of a nearby promotion (retailer or restaurant operator) or relevant information such as nearby real estate listing details. With a single click, users are better informed leading to increased engagement and purchases.

For more serendipitous user interactions (no app install required), Near Field Communication (or NFC) is supported on xTAG BEACONs. Android and Apple users simply tap the xTAG BEACON 1 to 5 times with their phone to interact with retailers, restaurant owners and real estate agents in 5 different ways. Interactions include loading web content, sending a text message, making a phone call,loading a location within a map or launching a specific app. Retailers can empower shoppers to load multiple promotions into phones to increase foot traffic and purchases. Restaurant operators can give patrons a simple method of viewing menus, or calling or texting a host from outside the restaurant to reserve a table. Real Estate agents can make any sign smart and give buyers quick tap access to call or text them, view listing details or nearby schools and amenities on a map.

Click here for more information on how these simple-to-use devices can dramatically increase your customers' attention and improve sales.

Custom Solutions

While our products are often deployed off the shelf, there are situations in which customers may require extra features, such as the sensing of a physical property not supported by current xTAG Sensor designs. Deviceworx is able to address these situations by extending sensor capabilities, adding Edge or Cloud processing, adding Cloud alarming or Cloud reporting or even bridging Cloud data. All of our hardware and software products have been built by our team in Canada with extensibility as an important component.

Click here to learn how we can very quickly and cost-effectively extend the abilities of our current products to meet the needs of your project.

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