Industrial IoT Solutions

xGATEWAY 3 - Releasing Q3 of 2023

Best-In-Class Wifi HaLow IoT Application Support

  • Cost-optimized for large volume deployments.
  • RS-232/485 connect for up to 32 legacy control devices. Retrofit disconnected devices with IoT functionality to better monitor and control processes.
  • C-Labs Factory-Relay software for plug-n-play connection of xTAG Sensors to the cloud-based Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. Factory-Relay details are
  • Debian Linux 10 (Buster) with full package manager support for easy extension.
  • SSH, SFTP for simple remote management.
  • .NET Framework 5.0 with support for C/C++/C# ... development within Visual Studio.
  • Popular Linux development tools for C/C++/Java/JavaScript/Python, etc.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi HaLow chipset support (mPCIe slot now longer used for HaLow).
  • Built-in GPS chipset support.
  • mini PCI express or mPCIe slot for LTE Cat 1 or Cat 4 cloud connections or alternative network connections including LoRaWAN, WiFi 6e other wireless standards.
  • New Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chipset with TPM Version 2.0 support for hardware-based authentication, encryption and other top-tier security features.
  • Desktop or DIN rail mount options (rail mount within enclosures for waterproofing).

IoT Solutions

Deviceworx has designed and built a variety of cutting-edge and wired IoT sensors. Our Industrial sensor are far tougher than standard-grade. They are capable of running 24/7 within harsh enviroments where rainfall, hot temperatures, cold temperatures, and high vibration are common. Sensors developed are USB, disposable L-ion or rechargeable battery powered. Supported wireless standards that we utilized include LoRa(900 MHz) and Wi-Fi.

Deviceworx Technologies Inc.

Deviceworx is a small focused team of engineers with over 150 years of collective experience. This experience supports development of world-class IoT, marketing and other solutions for use within a variety of industries. We are distinct in our ability to provide complete, integrated solutions that include hardware, firmware, software, cloud connectivity and cloud-based device monitoring, data threshold alarming and data reporting. Our solutions are seldom the cheapest, but commonly the most secure, comprehensive and reliable.