Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Deviceworx has designed and built a variety of cutting-edge wireless and wired IoT sensors. Our Industrial sensors are far tougher than standard-grade. They are capable of running 24/7/365 within harsh environments where very cold temperatures, very hot temperatures, rainfall and high vibration are common. You can drive a vehicle over our sensors, or submerse them ... and they will continue to run.

Sensors developed are USB-powered, disposable L-ion powered or rechargeable battery powered. Supported wireless standards that we have utilized include LoRa (900 MHz), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low-Energy.

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Mobile Marketing Technology

More info on our Mobile Marketing Technologies

In today's world - reaching out to mobile devices with coupons, product info or any content that will drive a purchase is growing trend. Deviceworx has developed several all-weather devices supporting mobile proximity messaging using both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards. Leveraging these standards is significant as there is nothing for the user to install. We have commercialized these designs for customers who have been successful in building over 7000 units. Deviceworx was involved in the development and commercialization of these designs from conception and continues to support them today.

To further engage customers, Deviceworx has implemented a loyalty solution that heavily leveraged mobile "smart" web content and a cloud-based server. Members could join the program and interact with it using desktop or mobile browsers. The "smart" content created was automatically formatted for optimal viewing on each browsing device type. All Deviceworx cloud-based server solutions support extensive reporting and can plug-into corporate servers to synchronize data including loyalty member data and stats. Loyalty programs can be as feature-rich as required and incorporate mobile apps, beacons, proximity messaging, text messaging and social media as well as mobile web content.

The xPLAYER and Chameleon
for Digital Signage Products

Deviceworx has leveraged marketing technology development experience to create the xPLAYER platform and Chameleon for Digital Signage (C4DS) Android software. We believe that these two components together meet an important need in the proximity marketing space. Specifically, the ability to utilize a screen as a first point of contact for consumers supporting direct advertising with the ability to provide a "Call To Action" or CTA. This CTA is useful in communicating to consumers that wireless advertising is active nearby and to communicate steps required to enable reception of the advertising messaging on their phone through static screens, animations or videos thereby providing a very simple method for users to opt-in to advertising message reception. The CTA also provides legitimacy to the advertising system by showing users that the messages that they receive on their devices are legitimate advertisements from a credible nearby retailer and not simply spam from an unknown source.

The xPLAYER running C4DS can communicate wirelessly using beaconing technology to both iPhones and Android phones. After opt-in steps, iPhone users will receive a notification on their phone when they come near an xPLAYER (up to 300' or 100 m range). If they select the notification, a coupon will be shown within the pre-installed Apple Wallet or a web page will be shown within the user-installed Chrome browser. Android phone users can also receive a notification on their phone after a simple opt-in step is completed. When Android users select a notification, a web page will be shown within the pre-installed Chrome browser or an app can be launched (depending on xPLAYER configuration).

Medical Device Development

We have been involved in developing cutting edge remote patient monitoring devices. Devices utilized proprietary wireless communications, Bluetooth and cell data for interaction with sensing equipment and for upload of patient data to a remote server for physician review. Deviceworx was involved in the development of the solution from hardware specification, through Operating System and application development and on to certification.

Advanced Controls Programming
for Industrial Automation

With the cost of energy rising, efficient operation of high energy industrial processes is incredibly important. Members of the Deviceworx team were involved in the development of advanced industrial process control software that utilized mathematical modeling to minimize the use (and waste) of energy or dramatically boost production in a variety of processes including kilns, dryers and boilers.